◆Foot valve fine structure can be removed as a whole, operation stably and reliably,  and easy maintenance ;

◆Mounting head is made of Alloy steel, Lifetime Warranty;

◆Grip jaw is made of Alloy steel , Lifetime Warranty;

◆S41 hexagonal oriented tube extended to 270mm, effectively prevent the deformation of the hexagonal shaft

◆Pressure tyre lever, assistance for handing run flat, low-profile and stiff tyres;

◆Reserved helper fixing hole, which is easy to fix the helper at customer’s requirement.


Technical Specification

Motor power 1.1kw/0.75kw/0.55kw
Power supply 110V/220V/240V/380V/415V
Max. wheel diameter 44"/1120mm
Max. wheel width 14"/360mm
Outside clamping 10"-21"
Inside clamping 12"-24"
Air supply 8-10bar
Rotation speed 6rpm
Bead breaker force 2500Kg
Noise level <70dB
Weight 295Kg
Package size 1100*950*950mm
24 units can be loaded into one 20”container
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