◆Suitable used in the car 4S shop for alignment, repairing and maintain service;

◆In-ground installation;

◆3500kg/4000kg/5000kg lifting capacity;

◆Function with the second lifting jack with lifting height 450mm, and the lifting platform span can be extended for easily operating, and make  the machine suit for logn vehicle maintenance service longer;

◆Long rear turn-table, positioning of angle plate can be adjusted;

◆Aluminum shell motor prevents overheated;

◆Operating control system with 24V safety voltage;

◆24V height limit switch provided;

◆The automatic mechanical lock engaged during process to ensure the vehicles  lifting safety;

◆Runway synchronizer system provided for preventing vehicles from tilt possibly;

◆The hydraulic system is equipped with over-load prevention device;

◆Assistant manual releasing facility provided for vehicle lowering in case of electrical power losing (option function);

◆Routine testing with 115% dynamic and 150% static loading;

◆CE approved.


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