◆It’s ideal choice for simple vehicle service and vehicle parking in families or commercial parking lots.

◆Manual machinery lock release, (optional)pneumatic release, simple and convenient.

◆Electronic release protection device. Safe and efficient(optional)

◆As standard, equipped with dropping disc

◆Using integrated docking platform, easier to use and better overall effect(optional)

◆Self-lubricating bearing design, ensure vehicle in any lifting height safety.

◆Optional mobile kit can make the whole lift move easily in your garage.

◆Both side of the runway using the side panels to facilitate the proper vehicle to enter (for novice)optional

◆mechanical safety lock automatically engaged when the rise

◆Double limit switches, more secure and reliable (optional)

◆Oil drip tray protects the vehicle below from being contaminated.

◆It has been proofed by dynamic test with 115% of rated capacity and static test with 150% of rated capacity.

◆CE certificated.



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