◆Low profile operation platform.

◆ Front-wheel pneumatic clamp.

◆Lifting Jack included.

◆Adopt hydraulic drive, lifting ability powerful, stable and reliable.

◆Mechanical safety lock to ensure that the different height of lift to be in absolute security.

◆Portable hydraulic power unit, release lock the foot, flexible and convenient.

◆CE approved.



Technical Specification

 Lifting capacity       700kg
 Max. lifting height  1200mm / 47''
 Min. height  150mm / 6''
 Lifting time     20S
 Overall length for platform  2220mm / 87''
 Overall width for platform     730mm / 29''
 Motor power    1.5kw
 Power supply   110V/220V/380V/415V
 Air supply pressure  6~8bar
 Weight  275Kg
 Packing size  2230*740*260mm
 36 units can be loaded into one 20”container  
  Packing size and line drawings

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