GHL435/440/450/455 FOUR POST LIFT

◆ LCD screen, friendly interface, full display

◆ of alphabet letters

◆ Fine position angled by 64-track optical encoder

◆ Weight calibration from double sides, easy to operate

◆ Pedal brake, efficient to add weight

◆ Wheel guard supported by air spring, locking position at any angle

◆ Wheel guard made from injection molding, strong and tough



Technical Specification

 Lifting capacity  3500/4200/5000kg/5500kg
 Jack capacity  2500kg
 Lifting height  1800mm
 Lifting height  220/220/260mm/260mm
 Overall height  2120mm
 Runway width  520/520/500mm/500mm
 Runway length  4250/4800/4800mm/5500mm
 Lifting time  60s
 Rated oil pressure  18Mpa
 Motor power  2.2/2.2/3.0/3.0kw
 Power supply  220V, 240V, 380V, 415V      
 Weight  1384/1604/1824/2024kg
 Packing size  4570/5100/5100/5700*560*730
 units can be loaded into one 20  12台
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